Sunday, January 21, 2018

I started this blog in 2012.  It is now 2018 and I am going to expand on Uriel's Poetry and Prose by adding the channelings I did during this same period in the 1970s.

Maybe some light seekers will find these helpful as they move forward on their Spiritual journey.  And, as I have discovered, forty years later, these words are timeless and understood from many different levels, depending on where you are in your Spiritual development.  Right now, in 2018, the population of light seekers has exploded, and the younger generations are a breed unto themselves, born with an innately higher consciousness.

Lord Uriel, Archangel Michael and Gabriel, Sananda/Jesus and Raphael/Hilarion are some of the beings coming through with messages of peace, love and light, giving descriptions of how and why the light body (or Christ body) is so important to mankind's development. When these words were channeled the MarkAge program, a forty year program,  had been under way since about 1960.  This symbolic forty-year period (1960-2000, and beyond) was known as the Mark Age, or age of marks and signs when all on Earth would know we are entering a new spiritual dimension of love, peace and brotherhood.  That is what these channelings are teaching - connecting with your Creator and knowing that all on the planet, which is going from third dimensional to fourth dimensional consciousness, will eventually come into their light body, or etheric body, or also known as the Christ body,  And when this happens we will have a new heaven and a new earth, and the greatest teacher and wayshower, and the lord of the planet Earth, Sananda/Jesus will return.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Elementals and the higher structure of the earth.
We will be bringing about this structure and strengthening the forces around you.  In this way the elemental structure of all life form on the earth will be brought into a higher degree of light and an illumined quality will be projected from all life, propagating and promoting further growth in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom.  This is the point of projecting to all elemental life.  In the exchange of energy through thought form you have a greater propulsion of growth within the elemental kingdom,  so sing forth and project forth with your thoughts in bringing about love, peace, and harmony.  Your sister of light, Gloria

OM OM OM    We shall give you from this moment on an account and a variance of the necessary by-lines that one must follow in developing his oneness with the light body.  This can be a tremendous strain to the physical body and a tremendous work on the emotional level of being. This is a work that requires dedication and love to the highest Principle.  This is Lord Uriel giving out and giving forth with information the work to be done, with the job that must take place within a person’s consciousness in bringing forth their light bodies.  We can assist you and aid you in bringing about many magnificent achievements and accomplishments, but then the rest must be done by you, consciously.  We can only aid and assist in forming and functioning the forces around you to the needed goals that we can see are needed for that time.  We will be giving you aid and assistance in bringing in the energy levels of consciousness that would make up a higher intunement with the celestial and etheric levels, by bringing about an opening in the various chakras that will bring about a higher energy output.

 This is the manner and the means by which we do work with the light bodies of those expressing on the physical planes.  Some are aware of this light body and can consciously work with this intunement with the higher Spiritual body, while others are not as consciously aware of these inner dealings, and therefore cannot bring about consciously the necessary changes in order to let the light body come through and express on the physical planes.  The physical body is operated by divine law, which is broken down into physical law, which seems to be, for the time, the epitome of operation here on earth; but as always there is the inner law, the inner operation, or Spiritual operation, which goes far beyond the physical expression and law of existence.  When man becomes aware of this inner divine law he will be more ready to accept the existence of life on other planets as this will clear up, in more ways than one, the reality of life on other planets.  This will be within the next ten years that man will come into awareness of the Spiritual law; that is to say, on a mass conscious level, the earth will be prepared and ready to accept the existence of life other than on the planet earth.  From there we will have a great many trials and tests put before us to show the willingness of man to serve God and to be co-creators with God rather than an island unto himself.

Peace, love, and harmony. These are the key words to Spiritual development.  Work with these and you will have a heart full of joy.  Such an expediency of love will bring a wealth of information from the adviseability of the utmost importance.  We can begin to relay some of the essential characteristics of well-being by going forth with certainty and dedication.  Send forth words of love and glory, send forth from the heart all the desires and dreams that you have been much blessed with.  With these dreams and desires are an expedient answer to the question within all mankind.  That is:  Where and when does the time come for man to be united with God?  This is an important question and one which should be answered within each person.  It is only when one has the satisfactory answer to these questions that there is peace, love and harmony.  Much dedication is needed to founder and desire this upon the earth.  With this desire comes the impetus that drives one forward until his goal is reached.  Send with all your heart the message of oneness of all mankind.  Send through thoughts of divine love that will captivate and capture the feelings and fulfillments of man.  Lord Uriel

Friday, October 26, 2012

Beauteous, O' beauteous is thy face!
How raving lovely is thy face to peek
Upon with soulful eyes and 
Take into one's finest sight
Thy loving face of infinite grace.
What giveth thee such rapport
To dwell upon with heavenly score
A treatise to partake and another to placate!
'Tis worth to all of me a precious measure
Of thy love to sate and satisfy.
"Tis filling need enough to furnish deep inside,
The splendor of your loving face
Beholding, next to mine.
                                              L. Grimley

Monday, October 1, 2012

Light of my life, light of my dreams,
How art thou to mine heart?
Thy ways evolute and so dismiss
Our quantum of love divine.
What be the answer then
To questions of eternal bliss?
We go our ways 'til death do us part,
And then for a token of toil well done,
We again unite as one.
                                   L. Grimley

Saturday, September 1, 2012

From whence do I come?
From whence do I go?
Does it really matter?
Nay, for I say, as surely
As the wind does blow,
As surely as the sun shines,
So then shall I be.
                                       ©L. Grimley

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Envision If You Can

Envision if you can
The wonders of the world,
Blossoming forth into a beautiful plan
Of oneness and love,
Harmony and peace,
Beauty and grace for all to have.

When will this be, this day of change?
And who opens the eyes for one to see
The mysteries of life in eternity?
Go within and you will find
The stirring of One who will open your eyes.
Will open you eyes for you to see
That the time is here for eternity.
                                   L. Grimley

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who may they be, these Jews?
But people playing for all the world to see
The savor of so many saints,
To see the light brought forth with love
Upon the world of all alike.

Who may they be, these Jews?
But only all of all there is,
Of all there is and always be.
For destined are the Jews of He
                                   L.  Grimley